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Trucking Case Study on Risk Reduction & Cost Control

L&H Trucking Inc. built its business by exceeding its customers’ expectations and upholding the highest standard for safe operations within the transportation industry. The company prides itself on being responsible to its local community, its employees, and to its business. When L&H Trucking decided they needed a better approach to their Trucking Insurance and Risk Management, they turned to KCI for innovative insurance programs to help the company reduce costs yet maintain its superior service, reliability, and safety record. L&H Trucking now uses KCI for its Workers Compensation and Auto Liability as well as Cargo, Umbrella, and Warehouse insurance coverage. After months of due diligence, and a careful review of their programs, L&H decided to make a mid-term switch to KCI. “We conducted a two-month process to review everything and essentially KCI had a significantly lower premium than what we were paying,” says Ernie Malkin, CFO for L&H Trucking. “In this economy, we have to make smart financial decisions. We realized huge savings when we made the switch to KCI, saving between 20 to 30 percent annually,” he adds.

Malkin says the unique KCI program structure helped them lower their deductible and lower their costs, while receiving excellent customer service from KCI. L&H Trucking uses several KCI programs including: PETRO Trust for Workers Compensation; Elite Transportation Risk Reduction Group (ETRRG) Auto Liability; and Carrier Solutions Risk Retention Group (CSRRG) for group health insurance. Switching insurance mid-term required some retraining for L&H staff. However, Malkin says, his staff only needed to familiarize themselves with the KCI team and who they needed to call with questions. “They are a great team to work with and we’re saving tons of money,” notes Malkin. “They create the solution that’s best for your company, and they’re willing to think outside of the box to make that happen.”

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